Big Data, Society & Privacy

Big Data... Big Brother?

Although we may not always be aware of it, and whatever we may think about it, a large proportion of our decisions and actions today are based on algorithms – that is, on data analysis methods. The new technologies make it possible to continuously analyse huge quantities of data, and the applications we use on a daily basis exploit the results of these analyses to supply us with advice or services. And that begs some fundamental questions. For example, what analysis criteria are used to supply this advice and these services, and how far are we still in control of our decisions and actions? 

The project

In this context, Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux and his team plan to develop a new line of research in the field of big data. By analysing different types of new data (social media, diverse applications, etc.), the researchers will seek to understand the link between the algorithms (data analysis method) and societal behavior. Their objective is to integrate these societal data into the development of new algorithms to create technologies that take into account humanity in all its diversity. The project will pay particular attention to the issue of privacy. 

Your support

By supporting this project, you are helping create a new line of research in the field of big data. The fundamental issues of society, cultural aspects, gender and diversity issues will be integrated into new, appropriate and benevolent technologies. For this project, Prof. Cudré-Mauroux and his team intend to strengthen their department by engaging a talented junior professor, assisted by two postdocs.


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