Technology for Behavior Change

Smart Environment & Behavior Change

New technologies at the service of humanity

We are all surrounded by new technologies in our everyday lives. We use different applications on a daily basis and do not always realise how far they influence our behavior. We are also living at a time of huge environmental and climatic challenges that demand new behavior on the part of humanity. 

The project

It is against this backdrop that Prof. Denis Lalanne and his team hope to extend their research in order to assess and develop new interfaces and applications to foster environmentally beneficial behavioral changes. Encouraging and facilitating positive behaviors through the use of new, "benevolent" technologies that take environmental imperatives into account – that is the challenge that our researchers wish to take up. 

Your support

By supporting this project, you are taking up an ambitious and sweeping challenge that affects all of us. You are also supporting the next generation of scientists, as Prof. Lalanne’s team is planning to enlist the skills of two promising young postdoc researchers. A concrete means of involving the next generation of scientists in current challenges. 


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